We'll prevent ants from damaging your property

Carpenter Ant Control in Flint, MI, Holly, MI & Clarkston, MI

Carpenter ants don't actually eat wood, but the tunnels they create can do extensive damage. Affordable Pest and Mosquito Solutions eliminates carpenter ants in the Oakland, MI, Wayne, MI, Genesee, MI, Ingham, MI, Livingston, MI and Washtenaw County, MI.

Carpenter ants are active year round but seen primarily in April, May and June. The main goal of carpenter ant control is to eliminate their nests. Schedule carpenter ant control in your area today by calling 248-660-0642 or 810-820-6429.

3 signs you have a carpenter ant problem

If you notice these signs of carpenter ants around your property, contact us to prevent any problems:

  1. Piles of sawdust in corners or dark areas
  2. Faint rustling noises in the walls
  3. Winged ants searching for nesting sites

We're focused on long-term control of carpenter ants. When you see evidence of carpenter ants, call for professional assistance. Contact Affordable Pest and Mosquito Solutions today for carpenter ant control in Oakland, Wayne, Genesee, Ingham, Livingston, and Washtenaw County.

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